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Local forwarder says “NavLab saves the day”

It’s common knowledge that times are tough in the international freight forwarding industry and that a lot of existing issues are worsened or exasperated in the current climate.

There has never been a more deserving time, that draws on the need to empower your staff with the right tools.

A local freight forwarder using NavLab says that “NavLab has saved the day”, with less staff and a big struggle to find replacements, existing staff are doing on average 2.7 x the number of quotes and have praised NavLab.

The main user of the system has said, “If it wasn’t for NavLab, there is simply no way we could keep up with these quote requests and the additional work. Quoting has gone from a complicated and time-consuming part of my day to an easy and manageable task because NavLab gives you everything in a few clicks and is just so easy to use. We are making better decisions and can see everything clearly at a time we need this visibility most. I am not sure if we would have coped with all the additional work so effortlessly if it wasn’t for NavLab. I can’t even think back to trying to do this without NavLab”.

We are proud of the positive impact NavLab is having on its users and we are so happy to be offering a sigh of relief to overworked staff amidst the current chaos.

Don’t ignore the signs that your staff are burning out, give them what they need to excel and remove the friction in their everyday work. Less time doing administrative and mundane functions, means more time doing what matters.

Technology has come a long way, are you moving with it or falling behind? There has never been a better time to digitally transform and automate your rate management and quoting processes.

Ask us about our incredible industry incentive before it ends. Click here to request a NavLab demo.

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