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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Eliminate the complexity in your forwarding operation.

Pack a container, deliver it to the port, load it on a ship, unload at the other end and deliver to a warehouse – simple right.

In reality, freight forwarding is a complex process.

Take a typical job – China to Australia. The multiple shipping lines, port pairs, container types, INCOTERMS and customs charges are just the beginning. Add in local delivery charges, frequently updating rates as well as surcharges and negotiated discounts and the potential pricing options multiplies by a few more 1000.

This means there are quite literally millions of possible rates for a single freight quote. Essential, but near impossible to keep track of – especially if like most you’re trying to do it in Excel.

Producing quotes with this level of complexity is time-consuming, often manual and error-prone taking up huge amounts of time that could be better spent on growth and client retention activities. It frustrates sales teams and clients who feel like quoting takes ages and eats into profits through lost hours, lost margin, lost jobs and even lost clients.

What is NavLab?

NavLab is a cloud-based, automated quotation and rates maintenance platform designed especially for the Australian freight industry.

Eliminating documentation and data entry, NavLab offers quick and easy access to critical data including:

• Tariff and rates maintenance

• Automated quotes creation and quote updater

• CRM master data

• Real-time analytics

Streamlined, central and secure rates maintenance and automated quoting means you can produce a quote and send it in a few clicks!

NavLab provides a central rates database for all origin, freight (air and sea) and local, Australian arrival charges. Rates are automatically populated – you control validation and publishing permissions. Alerts for new rates are triggered. Quotes are automatically updated and sent to clients when new rates are published.

Your client receives a quote complete with origin, freight and local charges. Notes, terms, and discounts can be saved for each client.

NavLab also provides real-time analytics, enabling data-driven decision making to help run your forwarding business more efficient and maximize profitability.

What NavLab does

• Process automation to manage rates and maintain up to date database

• Freight quotes are automated

• Client database / CRM and quote register

• Customisable quote format – look like you - your brand on your template

• Simple, intuitive user interface

• Full onboarding and support

• Real-time performance analytics

And what NavLab can mean for you

• Reduce complexity

• Improve productivity

• Reduce cost leakage

• Improve quote to booking ratio

• Reduce sales force effort – save hundreds of hours each month

• Improve client retention

• Free-up time to value add to your clients’ businesses

• Evidence-based decision making

• No more Excel!

Make a smarter choice

Is the complexity in your life getting the better of you? Get in touch to book your demo or free trial and start streamlining your rates maintenance and quoting process today.


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